NCCHE Modeling System for Water Resource Problems

Author(s): Zhang, Y.; Jia, Y.; Chao, X.

This presentation gives a brief introduction of CCHE2D/3D model system and its capabilities. CCHE2D/3D is a state-of-the-art numerical modeling system developed at the National Center for Computational Hydro-science and Engineering (NCCHE) at the University of Mississippi. The model targets simulating water resource and environment related problems. It is capable of simulating free surface river flows, flooding/dam-break flows, sediment transport, morphological changes, chemical pollutant transport, environmental water quality, hurricane and coastal storm surge and wave processes. The model has been applied to simulate the city flooding of New Orleans, LA, caused by Hurricane Katrina the 2008 flood in the Mississippi River; sediment transport and water quality in the Lake Pontchartrain; pollutant transport and water quality in the Dan River, NC, caused by coal ash spill; flooding due to the storm surge of Hurricane Isaac 2012, Gustav 2008, Sandy 2012, etc. Since its initial development in the 1990s, it has been continuously developed and updated at the NCCHE and used by thousands of users in the US and worldwide. Many federal and state agencies have been CCHE2D users including USACE, USDA-ARS, NOAA, USGS, US Fish &Wildlife Service, USEPA, CA Dept. Water Res., Oak Ridge National Lab, North Alamo National Lab, US Navy Naval Oceanographic Office, US Marine Corps, Desert Res. Ins., National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, etc.

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