Water Resources Data Availability

Author(s): Phillips, P.; Watts, J.

A primary objective of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), Office of Land and Water Resources (OLWR) is to research and manage the water resources of the state to assure adequate supplies for the future, which requires a significant amount of data and information, much of which is easily available to the public. OLWR maintains geographical information system (GIS) data sets, attribute data, and links to related data. GIS data sets include groundwater wells, surface water diversions, public water supply wells and their protection areas, and dams across the state with the associated data for each record. The Water Resources Information System (WRIMS) includes data such as the owner, well construction information, beneficial use, water levels, water quality information, groundwater and surface water permit information, and surface water discharge measurements. Selected data from WRIMS is the source of attribute data for some of our GIS data sets. OLWR also tracks water use for selected wells. Public water supply wells in the Source Water Assessment Program can be viewed online via a web map. This web map includes data about potential contaminants provided by OLWR as well as other sources such as MDEQ’s Office of Pollution Control and the Environmental Protection Agency. OLWR’s Dam Safety Division also maintains a web map that allows viewing of dams, inundation areas from simple breach analyses, and these data’s associated attributes. Along with data, OLWR provides information on its various programs, forms, permit applications, well completion reports, and water well drillers’ licensing. OLWR also provides links to outside source data such as the Office of Geology’s geophysical logs, the Yazoo Mississippi Delta Joint Water Management District’s water permit data, and water compendium that includes GIS data from MDEQ’s various water related programs.

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