Water Resources Data Management

Author(s): Hawkins, C.

The Office of Land and Water Resources (OLWR) is responsible for the management of the water resources in Mississippi. In order to accomplish this, the OLWR collects and maintains a significant amount of data. This data includes groundwater and surface water withdrawal permit information, such as landowner and permittee contact information, groundwater well construction data, beneficial uses, permitted volumes, locations, etc. It also includes water quantity data, water quality data, compliance and enforcement actions, and other pertinent information associated with the states aquifer systems and streams. Most of this information has been maintained in the OLWR’s current database the Water Resources Information Management System (WRIMS) for over 15 years, while other data either existed on spreadsheets or paper files. OLWR is developing a new database that not only will house all the information being maintained in WRIMS but would also incorporate other datasets needed to manage the state’s water resources. The new database will also serve as a tool for processing surface water and groundwater withdrawal permit applications. The first phase of this web-based database will be in production this spring with other phases to follow over the next two years. This upgrade will be a vast improvement over the aging WRIMS database and help in making informed decisions associated with Mississippi’s water resources.

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