Riverbank Filtration, Transfer, and Injection Pilot Project along the Tallahatchie River for Enhanced Aquifer Recharge: Progress and Plans

Author(s): Rigby, J.; Ozeren, Y.; Holt, B.; Pophet, N.

The USDA-ARS is conducting a pilot study to investigate the potential for using aquifer storage and recovery technology to augment recharge to the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer (MRVAA). This study proposes to use riverbank filtration to capture water from the Tallahatchie River for direct injection in the aquifer. Preliminary investigations of interaction between the river and the aquifer were conducted near Money, MS including continuous resistivity profiling of the subsurface, bathymetric characterization of the river channel and a pumping test to analyze drawdown and recovery of groundwater levels at fifteen observation wells up to 300 meters from the river. The pilot study will combine an extraction well along the Tallahatchie River with a transfer pipeline approximately 2 miles long to a set of injection wells west of the river. Locations have been chosen for the pilot study and a design is being developed. This presentation will review the conceptual model of the pilot study, results from investigations at Money, MS, and the timeline for the pilot study construction and operation.

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