Relation between Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) and Salinity in the Mississippi Sound

Author(s): Martin, C.; Milroy, S.

While several studies on chromophoric dissolved organic material (CDOM) have been conducted in a variety of coastal regions throughout the world, only a handful have focused in the area of the northern Gulf of Mexico (Bissett et al, 1999, Chen et al, 2004, Ohlmann et al, 2005, Zanardi-Lamardo et al, 2004). Fed by the Mississippi River plume to the southwest as well as Pearl River, Biloxi Bay, Pascagoula River, and Mobile Bay effluents, the Mississippi Sound represents a dynamic and under-explored area for the study of nearshore CDOM and the correlated watersheds. Over a series of cruises conducted from 01 APR– 30 JUL 2010, a spectrophotometric determination of surface CDOM was enjoined using comparative filtration and centrifugation methods. Ultimately, a simple algorithm of the CDOM absorption coefficient acdom(λ) was developed to help resource managers and Marine GIS professionals characterize the optical properties of nearshore waters within the MS Sound using simple salinity measures as a means to estimate acdom(λ) using visible and near-IR spectra.

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