The Influences on the Capacity Development Assessment Scores of Publicly-Owned Drinking Water Systems in Mississippi

Author(s): Barrett, J.; Barefield, A.

The Capacity Development Assessment (CDA) is a focused survey instrument used to quantify the financial, managerial and technical factors of a water system in Mississippi. The survey’s primary focus is identifying the extent to which water systems are complying with Mississippi State Department of Health-Bureau of Public Water Supply regulations and standards. Since the majority of the factors for publicly owned water systems (municipal systems and water associations and districts) measured in the CDA are either directly or indirectly influenced by board management decisions as well as other, more macro/regional external influences such as per capita income, water system population, county population, operator experience, etc., we propose to examine causal influences on the CDA score. Identification of these influences could lead to future local and state policy implementation and educational efforts to strengthen public water systems.

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Technical Sessions

Session I Sedimentation
Session II Weather/Climate
Session III Coastal Resources
Session IV Surface Water Management
Session V Wetlands
Session VI Education
Session VII Management/Planning
Session VIII Wetlands
Session IX Delta Groundwater
Session X Nutrients
Session XI Delta Water Resources
Session XII Ports

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