Asset Management Assistance for the City of Bay St. Louis

Author(s): Tagert, M.; Ballweber, J.; Manuel, R.

The Southeast Regional Small Public Water Systems Technical Assistance Center (SE-TAC), located at Mississippi State University and established via funding from the Environmental Protection Agency, is working with the City of Bay St. Louis and the Hancock County Utility Authority on an asset mapping and management demonstration project. This project builds on the implementation of Mississippi’s post-Katrina Gulf Regional Utility Plan and the creation of five (5) new county-wide utilities. This project will map the construction of the City’s post-Katrina water supply infrastructure and aid in its integration into the new Hancock County Utility Authority’s asset management system. The results of this effort will be immediately transferable to other coastal small public water systems and county-wide utilities in Mississippi. SE-TAC is working with the private sector to identify and assess public domain asset mapping and management tools. An evaluation matrix will be developed to compare various aspects of the available tools, such as hardware requirements, ease of use, expandability, training requirements, and more. The highest ranking public domain tool(s) will be applied to a defined subset of the City’s new drinking water infrastructure and integrated, to the extent possible, with the newly established Hancock County Utility. Results and lessons learned will be compiled in a final report to help accelerate adoption of asset mapping and management tools by small public water systems throughout Mississippi and the SE-TAC region.

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Technical Sessions

Session I Sedimentation
Session II Weather/Climate
Session III Coastal Resources
Session IV Surface Water Management
Session V Wetlands
Session VI Education
Session VII Management/Planning
Session VIII Wetlands
Session IX Delta Groundwater
Session X Nutrients
Session XI Delta Water Resources
Session XII Ports

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