Snapshot Through Time of "The Hole" in the MRVA of the Central Delta (Sunflower and Leflore County)

Author(s): Parish, P.

The data utilized in this presentation will provide snapshots of the decline in water levels in what we affectionately call "The Hole". This will be done through the use of three dimensional maps, hydrographs, and geophysical logs. "The Hole" is an area of depression in the potentiometric surface of the MRVA (Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer). It is located in the central delta of northwest Mississippi. In large part it is centered in Sunflower and Leflore counties. The purpose of this research is to expand the examination of the growing trend of declining water levels in this area over time. This data collection involves drilling, historical research, and water level data collection. The water level measurements are mainly conducted in the Fall after irrigation season has ended and the Spring before irrigation season begins.

This examination leads us to the question, "Why?". There are many answers to that question which will be discussed in more depth. The geology in and around the delta both creates the possibility of such an aquifer as the MRVA, as well as, hinders its recharge and flow. Deforestation and dewatering of the land in the delta have also caused problems. Incision and dredging of channels in surface water bodies may contribute to the problem. Local domination of certain crops may contribute the trend. All of these areas need to be addressed and examined further.

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Technical Sessions

1 Best Management Practices #1
2 Delta Water Assessment
3 Flood Assessment & Mgmt.
4 Wetlands
5 Watershed Mgmt. #1
6 Non-Point Source Assessment
7 Modeling
8 Water Quality
9 Best Mgt. Practices #2
10 Delta Water Conservation
11 Sedimentation
12 Storm Water
13 Watershed Mgt. #2
14 Public Water Systems
15 Surface Water Assessment & Evaluation

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