Flood Inundation Mapping for the Leaf River at the City of Hattiesburg, MS

Author(s): Storm, J.

Flood forecasting predicts the eventual elevation of a river at a single location during moderate to extreme hydrologic events. Although this provides an understanding of the expected extremity of the flood, it does not give the general public an understanding of which areas will be affected and to what extent. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Mississippi Water Science Center, in cooperation with the City of Hattiesburg, the Forrest County Emergency Management District, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, and the National Weather Service (NWS), is preparing a series of static flood inundation maps for the Leaf River at Hattiesburg, MS, based on a one-dimensional steady flow model calibrated to historic and current hydrologic data. The maps will be accessible to the public on USGS and NWS web pages and will provide flood depths and inundated areas at 1-foot increments of forecasted stage at the real-time USGS stream-gaging station 02473000 Leaf River at Hattiesburg, MS. These maps will provide both the public and city officials the ability for better planning and management during extreme flooding events.

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Technical Sessions

1 Best Management Practices #1
2 Delta Water Assessment
3 Flood Assessment & Mgmt.
4 Wetlands
5 Watershed Mgmt. #1
6 Non-Point Source Assessment
7 Modeling
8 Water Quality
9 Best Mgt. Practices #2
10 Delta Water Conservation
11 Sedimentation
12 Storm Water
13 Watershed Mgt. #2
14 Public Water Systems
15 Surface Water Assessment & Evaluation

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