Sedimentation Processes in Perdido Bay

Author(s): Sigsby, N.; McAnally, W.; Sigsby, N.

Perdido Bay is an estuarine system located along the Alabama-Florida border in the Gulf of Mexico with an estimated 2900 sq. km watershed and a narrow tidal inlet to the Gulf of Mexico. Water quality and hydrodynamics have been examined in some detail, but very little research has been done on the sedimentation processes of the bay. A systematic sedimentation study will contribute to an improved understanding of the processes of the bay.

An investigation into the sediment classifications, distributions, and discharges will be completed as a major part of this sedimentation study. As a first step, a data collection was performed in July 2011. This survey included water and bed sediment sampling, water quality readings, and velocity measurements. Water quality constituents tested included dissolved oxygen, pH, salinity, temperature, turbidity, and depth. Velocity and discharge calculations were recorded using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler. Bed sediment samples will be used for grain size analysis and sediment classification. The water samples collected will be used for total suspended solids analysis. Analysis of the tide levels, salinity and turbidity will be completed for the verification of the existence and location of the turbidity maxima in Perdido Bay.

A thorough literature review will be completed to better understand sedimentation processes, sediment budgets, numerical modeling, and historical data. Using this data, along with data collected on-site, a systematic sediment budget will be developed and a numerical model of sediment transport using EFDC will be developed.

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