Holitoblichi: A Celebration of the North Mississippi Hills

Author(s): English, J.

Utilizing the Choctaw Indian word for "celebrate" as its name, Holitoblichi intends to celebrate the heritage and inspire the future of the north Mississippi Hills through the stewardship of its unique cultural and natural environment. This project transforms nearly 350 acres adjacent to the new Toyota manufacturing plant in Blue Springs, Mississippi into a regional amenity with a rich array of uses. From stormwater management and bioremediation to stream channel restoration and native habitat revitalization, from experiential learning and community-building facilities to sustainable agriculture and recreation, the project combines many threads into one comprehensive story. Guiding the design are three principles: 1) to express the three components of sustainable development (environment, economy, society) in every aspect of the design; 2) to weave together agricultural, environmental, and industrial and showcase the symbiotic relationships between them; and 3) to evoke a sense of "the new old," pulling culture from the past and the present into an innovative and resilient future. Conceptually, two poles anchor the design: environment and culture. Throughout the space between, the interconnections between the two poles are explored. From practicing agriculture in collaboration with nature to experiencing the blues in the environment that set its tone, Holitoblichi is an example of how a mutually beneficial relationship between man and nature can be cultivated.
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Technical Sessions

1 Best Management Practices #1
2 Delta Water Assessment
3 Flood Assessment & Mgmt.
4 Wetlands
5 Watershed Mgmt. #1
6 Non-Point Source Assessment
7 Modeling
8 Water Quality
9 Best Mgt. Practices #2
10 Delta Water Conservation
11 Sedimentation
12 Storm Water
13 Watershed Mgt. #2
14 Public Water Systems
15 Surface Water Assessment & Evaluation

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