An Assessment of Private Wells Used for Drinking Water in Mississippi

Author(s): Barrett, J.

The majority of Mississippians enjoy access to one of the 1200 public water systems in Mississippi. Having access to a public water system provides the citizens with safety and quality of water through the regulatory enforcement of the Mississippi State Department of Health-Bureau of Public Water Supply (MSDH). Mississippi citizens on private wells do not have the luxury of knowing the quality and/or quantity of their water on a regular basis. In this presentation, by comparison of United States Census Data and MSDH data, the areas of Mississippi that have the highest concentrations of citizens on private wells will be derived. Data will be gathered to determine the likely contaminants to private wells in each particular county. This information will highlight the areas that could benefit the greatest from avenues in which private well owners can check the quality of their water as well as inform the surrounding water systems of their capacity to expand.

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