Modeling Rainfall Runoff using 2D Shallow Water Equation

Author(s): Shirmeen, T.; Jia, Y.

Torrential storms often trigger flooding that causes damage in properties and loss of life. In this study a numerical simulation module is developed to enhance the capability of a 2D surface flow model, CCHE2D. Following the procedure for numerical model verification and validation of ASCE, the developed module is tested using both analytical solutions and experiment data.

The analytical solutions of kinematic wave equation for runoff occurring on a sloping plane subject to a constant rainfall of indefinite duration and finite duration were used to compare to the results of the numerical model with good agreements. Runoff processes measured in laboratory experiments were also simulated in this study using the 2D model. The simulated runoff processes and the observed physical processes again showed excellent agreements. These tests indicate that the CCHE2D model is capable of modeling rainfall-runoff and kinematic overland flows.

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