Support for a Northeast MS Regional Water Management Plan: Updating the Water Budget for the Tombigbee River Basin

Author(s): Ramirez-Avila, J.; McAnally III, W.; Tagert, M.

Researchers from Mississippi State University (MSU) are providing assistance to organize and draft a water management plan for selected northeast Mississippi counties, in the context of an overall basin plan, with the guidance and support of the Tennessee River Valley Water Management District (TRVWMD) and its stakeholders. Updating the MSU water budget for the Tombigbee River Basin developed by McKey and McAnally in 2008 is one of the main tasks included in the statement of work for the study in performance. Research activities to complete the proposed task involves the consecution of new information on withdrawals and discharges; the use of hydrologic calculations to fill in gaps of ungaged streams in the basin and identify potential extreme flows; and the statistical analysis of flow data for use in a risk analysis of extreme flows.

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