Climate Variability Impacts on Crop and Sediment Yields

Author(s): Parajuli, P.; Jayakody, P.; Sassenrath, G.

This study evaluated future climate variability impact on stream flow, crop and sediment yields under three different tillage systems in the Big Sunflower River Watershed (BSRW) in Mississippi. The Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) was applied to the BSRW using observed stream flow and crop yields data. The model was successfully calibrated and validated and future climate scenarios were simulated. Results showed that there is no significant difference (p > 0.05) between average corn and soybean yields under simulated tillage systems in the BSRW. However, results determined a significant difference on sediment yields from three simulated tillage systems (p values of 0.002 for corn, and 0.003 for soybean). The model simulated results showed that future average maximum temperature may increase and experience a longer summer periods with frequent extreme rainfall events but similar monthly precipitation patterns.

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