Leaching of copper from different copper treated woodwastes

Author(s): Singleton, B.; Borazjani, H.; Cox, M.

There has been a significant increase in production of copper treated lumber since voluntary halt in production of chromated copper arsenate (CCA) for residential use by the wood treating industry. Disposal of copper treated wood wastes have become an environmental issue for companies using these products for residential applications. This study evaluated recovery of copper from sawdust of copper azole(CA),micronized copper azole(MCA), azole copper quat(ACQ), and micronized copper quat(MCQ) using two different extraction procedures(toxicity characteristic leaching procedure(TCLP), and sonication) in acidic water. No significant differences in copper recovery were observed between CA and MCA by both extraction procedures. The same results were observed for ACQ and MCQ also. However, copper recovery for MCQ and ACQ were significantly higher than CA, and MCA.

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