Evaluation of Management Strategies to Promote Water Resource Conservation in Louisiana

Author(s): Adusumilli, N.; Davis, S.

The need to safeguard water availability within Louisiana has become critical, not only to sustain the state’s water resources, but also to the sustainability of sectors that depend on this important resource. Competition for surface and groundwater supplies in only increasing in the state due to many factors including demand from sectors like industry, power generation, public supply, aquaculture, increasing irrigated acreage of crops, and prolonged droughts periods. Hence, planning should be geared toward identification of strategies that ensure water availability for all reasonable present and future needs and promote conservation of water resources. Selection and/or implementation of a strategy depends on long-term objectives, economic concerns, and the willingness of the stakeholders to embrace the perspectives on water management. Thus, identification of strategies that include tools, practices, and policies that promote conservation and efficiency is critical to motivate adoption and reduce stress on aquifers, reservoirs, and other surface water sources. More specifically, the strategies should emphasize water conservation, economic incentives to conserve water, and public education. Potential benefits of improving water use efficiency include costs reductions, environmental protection, reduce losses and waste of water, and reduction in energy consumption. The strategies identified will provide planners and decision makers with the information needed toward developing a long-term statewide water management plan.

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