Groundwater Levels in the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer

Author(s): Stiles, M.

The Yazoo Mississippi Delta Joint Water Management District (YMD) collects water level information from the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer (MRVA) twice each year, once in April and again in October. These months are used to allow staff to obtain water levels before and after the groundwater irrigation season. Measurements are gathered from a network of 550 survey wells located throughout the entire Mississippi delta. Tablet computers configured with custom software are used by field staff to assist with data entry and quality control. The information gathered from each water level survey is incorporated into the YMD geographic information system (GIS). After the field work is completed for each water level survey, YMD uses GIS to create water level surface maps. These surface maps serve as the primary datasets used by YMD to create short and long term aquifer water level change maps. Additionally, GIS is used to create aquifer water volume changes. These changes are calculated annually from Spring to Spring and Fall to Fall. Additional changes are calculated for fall to spring representing aquifer recovery and spring to fall representing water withdrawals. The aquifer water volume changes are calculated then entered into a spreadsheet for graphing.
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