Groundwater and Surface-Water Interactions of a Stream Reach and Proposed Reservoir within the Pascagoula River Basin: George County, Mississippi

Author(s): Killian, C.; Schmitz, D.

This research had two main objectives: quantify surface-water and groundwater interactions along a stream reach, and determine the hydraulic conductivity at the site where two reservoirs are proposed. The stream reach, located in the Pascagoula River Basin in southeast Mississippi, begins at Lake Okatibbee and terminates at Pascagoula, into the Gulf of Mexico. Four USGS continuous gauging stations provided more than forty years of stream discharge data for a hydrograph base-flow-recession analysis, which determined the baseflow component within the stream. The analysis showed that baseflow decreases along the stream reach and increases again before reaching the Gulf of Mexico. Thirteen borehole samples were collected at the sites of the proposed reservoirs in George County, Mississippi to determine the hydraulic conductivity of the sediments, which showed high a hydraulic conductivity. The reservoirs will help to maintain stream ecology as well as increase surface water storage for recreational and industrial purposes.
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