Current Surface Water and Groundwater Studies in the Central Mississippi Region

Author(s): Henley, L.

The Central Mississippi Region encompasses twenty counties and is home to many major cities, including the Jackson Metro area. Both surface water and groundwater studies are currently being conducted in the Central Region. The Office of Land and Water Resources conduct streamflow measurements in order to obtain surface water discharges to complement data collected by the Office of Pollution Control for the M-BISQ (Mississippi Benthic Index of Stream Quality) Program. The 2015-2016 M-BISQ study has approximately forty sites selected within the central region of the state. Regional groundwater studies are also performed by the Office of Land and Water Resources – Water Resources Management Division. The data collected for the regional studies include water level measurements, which are used to create potentiometric surface maps and hydrographs, water quality samples, and using geophysical logs to create geologic cross-sections and maps. Due to rapid expansion in Madison County in both the residential and industrial sectors, Central Region studies are presently being focused on the Gluckstadt area. Primary aquifers utilized in Madison County, specifically in the Gluckstadt area, are the Cockfield and Sparta Aquifers, with some minor use of the Meridian-Upper Wilcox aquifer. Population, water use, and water level data will be assessed to determine any impacts on water availability in the area.

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