Tapping into Underground Water in Mississippi

Author(s): Killebrew, R.

An adequate supply of safe water is essential to the public health and welfare. The use of that supply through properly constructed and maintained water wells is an important component in the protection of our groundwater resources. The MDEQ Office of Land and Water Resources is responsible for licensing and regulating all drillers and pump installers operating in the state. Individuals desiring to engage in the business of water well contracting in the state must obtain a water well contractor’s license. Those who drill boreholes or wells must obtain a restricted driller's license that will be valid only for a specified drilling purpose. Individuals who service or install water well pumps must obtain a pump installer’s license. All licensees must meet specific requirements and demonstrate their competency in drilling and/or pump installation by passing various tests administered either by the MDEQ or by the National Groundwater Association (NGWA). Driller’s logs submitted in accordance with our laws and regulations are essential in providing important information for the characterization of our resources and for the proper abandonment of wells.

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