An Examining of the Changes in the Hydrological Environment around a Surface Lignite Coal Mine over the Last 20 Years

Author(s): Foote, J.

The population and industrial complexes of Choctaw County utilizes much of its water from an aquifer system in the Tertiary age Wilcox unit of the Mississippi Embayment. Utilizing 20 years of surface and ground water physical chemistry (P-Chem) analysis, potentiometric groundwater records of Choctaw County public water wells as well as industrial P-Chem analysis and surface and ground water level records from an industrial complex, this study examined the changes to the hydrosphere that has taken place since 1995. Analysis of the hydrosphere shows that over the last 20 years, there has been a drop in the potentiometric surface of Mississippi section of the Lower Wilcox Aquifer system. The analysis also shows changes in the surface water physical chemistry of the hydrosphere. These changes include a decrease in the concentration of free CO2 and chloride, and fluctuations of Alkalinity. Comparisons between groundwater records taken from the industrial complex and other locations around Choctaw County, show little variation in the physical chemistry.

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