Remediation of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Process Water

Author(s): Dowlatabadi, L.; Borazjani, H.

The process of manufacturing OSB involves a pressing process that releases water and extractives from wood. This type water is known as process water and contains wood extractives, phenol/urea formaldehyde resins, terpenes, and other organic compounds which increase the biological oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS). In order to discharge this water, it must be treated to reach a regulated discharge levels for BOD and TSS. A 30 day laboratory study with bioreactors filled with OSB process water and treated with air only, air plus fertilizer and air with fertilizer and duckweed were conducted to evaluate the removal of BOD and TSS from this type process water. Three untreated controls were used in this experiment. Significant reduction of BOD occurred for all treated replicates after 30 days. No significant differences observed among treated samples. For TSS, again all treated treatments showed significant reduction but reactors treated with only air showed the highest reduction of TSS. Bacterial population remained sufficient throughout this experiment.

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