Application and validation of STWAVE in the nearshore of Deer Island, MS

Author(s): Dillon, C.; Linhoss, A.

Waves are the driving force for many coastal processes. The process of sediment transport along a beach face is highly tied to the presence and action of waves. Therefore, due to the constant sediment transport occurring along Deer Island in Harrison County, MS, and the costly procedures required to maintain the sediment budget of the area, an accurate and full understanding of the wave parameters in the area is important. To date, no validation of a local model or any other published data on the waves for the area exists. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to validate a local model which will be able to be used to forecast or hindcast wave information for present or future work done on Deer Island. To quantify wave parameters of the area a wave model is the best option for its ability to generate high resolution information. For this study, the STWAVE model was chosen because of the mild and uniform conditions of the area and for STWAVE’s fast computational efficiency. Field data of recorded wave information was taken from a Nortek Vector which recorded wave and current data between the months of June and September, 2016. The raw data of the Vector will be processed using the PUV method to produce wave height, wave period, and wave direction information. Wave data was also taken during this same time period through littoral environmental measurements (LEM) made at the shoreline. Both sets of gathered wave information will be used to validate the STWAVE model.

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