Overview of Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia Policy in 2017

Author(s): Daigle, D.

Doug Daigle, Coordinator of the Lower Mississippi River Sub-basin Committee, will give an overview of current policy to address the Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone, focusing on the national Action Plan and Task Force that Mississippi and other lower river states are participants on. The revised Goal and Interim Target of the Action Plan will be explained, since they set the direction for joint action among Task Force states and agencies for the next decade, and provide the broader context for the work of SERA-46 and state and federal agencies described by other speakers in this session.

Doug Daigle has coordinated the Lower Mississippi River Sub-basin Committee, part of the national Mississippi River/Gulf of Mexico Watershed Nutrient Task Force, since organizing it in 2003. The Sub-basin Committee consists of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee, along with federal partner agencies, researchers, and stakeholders in the region. He also coordinates the Louisiana Hypoxia Working Group, a monthly forum held at Louisiana State University.

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