Simulating cotton water use and yield under rainfed and full irrigation conditions using RZWQM2 model in the Lower Mississippi Delta Region

Author(s): Ma, X.; Feng, G.; Sui, R.; Jenkins, J.

Sustainable agricultural water management requires knowledge of crop water use and productivity under both rainfed and Irrigation conditions. Our objective was to determine the yield and water use of both nonirrigated and fully irrigated cotton in the Lower Mississippi Delta Region. The CSM-CROPGRO-Cotton v4.6 model within the Root Zone Water Quality Model (RZWQM2) were applied. The model was calibrated and validated using measured data at Stoneville Experimental Station in 2015 and 2016 Results suggested that the calibrated model simulated cotton yield and water use had good agreement with measured data in field. Simulation study discovered that the lowest rainfed yield was less than 2500 kg ha-1, and the highest irrigated yield were more than 3600 kgha-1.

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