CHANGE is Coming: An Introduction to the Next Generation of Hydraulic Modeling

Author(s): Hendon, D.

Recent developments in hydraulic modeling and 3D computer visualization provide engineers, scientists, CFMs and other users with the tools for a more comprehensive understanding of complex flow patterns that are commonly associated with river crossings and in coastal environments. These tools help locate and illustrate patterns of flow, water surface elevations, depth, velocity, and shear stress. The proper use of these tools allows a more realistic estimation of hydraulic conditions (e.g., scour); floodplain impacts (e.g., FEMA floodplain); aquatic and terrestrial habitat impacts; and extreme weather event scenarios. There is a shift coming in our professions to move from one-dimensional models, such as HEC-RAS, to two-dimensional models. This presentation will cover the differences, applications, and visualizations that are associated with this change. Attendees will be provided an introduction to these new tools so they may have a better understanding of what they look like, what they can do, how they work, and how to use the results.

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