Essential Components for Custom Water Management Software Utilizing Modern Web Standards and the Amazon Cloud

Author(s): Gartrell, B.; Bailey, J.; Collier, A.

This talk will discuss the components necessary for custom water management software that utilizes modern web and cloud technology, as well as spatial enterprise Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and the latest NoSQL databases in the Cloud. Water managers need their information capture and display methods modernized to keep pace with today’s technology. If your workflow involves paper forms, it is time to modernize. However, don’t simply settle for where the industry was a decade ago (e.g. antiquated technologies such as Access and Silverlight).

Utilizing modern technology will realize the following advances:

  1. The database is no longer fragmented into multiple pieces of outdated software and data repositories.
  2. Cloud-based enterprise RDBMS eliminates costly infrastructure and time spent doing backups, upgrades, and maintenance of hardware and software.
  3. Data are readily available and backed up across multiple data centers, so local disaster recovery is instantly achieved.
  4. With web mapping tied to dashboard and reporting systems, all information is connected.
  5. Having paper forms integrated as web forms means that all data is collected directly in the Cloud database, resulting in cleaner data and real-time utilization.
  6. The latest web technology is used to give the most performant and standards based approach.
  7. The system can be scaled and load balanced to achieve a consistent experience given a small or large number of concurrent users.
  8. Content can be accessible across mobile/tablet/PC platforms.
  9. The open architecture of the software is maintainable for years to come.

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