Groundwater Transfer & Injection: Progress toward a managed aquifer recharge option for sustainable groundwater supply

Author(s): Rigby, J.

Sustainable use of the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer (MRVAA) for irrigation will require increased efforts to manage and enhance aquifer recharge to meet demand. One scenario for aquifer management involves the development of a groundwater transfer and injection project to move water from the Tallahatchie River to the central Delta. Such a project relies fundamentally on adequate hydraulic connection between the Tallahatchie River and the MRVAA to supply the required water. This presentation will review the conceptual model of the groundwater transfer and injection option and the research necessary to determine its feasibility. Preliminary data on stream-aquifer interactions and groundwater injection from Leflore and Sunflower Counties collected in collaboration with U.S. Geological Survey and Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality will be discussed with implications for larger pilot studies.

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