Office of Land and Water Resources: Permitting, Certification and Compliance Division Initiatives

Author(s): Hawkins, C.

The Office of Land and Water Resources (OLWR) is responsible for the management of the water resources in Mississippi. § 51-3-1 of the Mississippi Code requires that “…the water resources of the state be put to beneficial use to the fullest extent of which they are capable, that the waste or unreasonable use, or unreasonable method of use, of water be prevented, that the conservation of such water be exercised …” To achieve this requirement, the Permitting, Certification, and Compliance Division administers several programs and is undertaking several initiatives to improve our services. These initiatives include revision of the minimum conservation practices required to obtain a permit from the alluvial aquifer in the delta; expanded water use surveys and reporting tools; improved software for the review and processing of applications for issuance, modification and enforcement of surface and ground water use permits; monitoring of a ground water well network within national framework; and improved licensing and regulating water well contractors operating in Mississippi. OLWR strives to ensure that the use, storage, allocation, and management of water resources of the state be accomplished to the fullest yet sustainable extent possible and that water used in Mississippi complies with applicable permit regulations.

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