Monitoring and Characterization of Water Resources in Priority Areas throughout Mississippi

Author(s): Banks, J.

The Office of Land and Water Resources is charged with conserving, managing, and protecting the water resources of Mississippi. To help achieve this mission, the Monitoring Branch of the Water Resources Division was created in 2015 to monitor the quantity of the state’s ground water and surface water resources. A primary goal for the Monitoring Branch is to characterizing the available water resources in prioritized areas throughout the state each fiscal year. Study areas vary in extent and are prioritized based on factors such as population, demand, and historical record. Prioritized areas are characterized based on the collection and compilation of data from multiple sources regarding current and historical ground water levels, base line water quality, and geology, among other things. The prioritized areas being studied for state fiscal year 2017 are Clarksdale, Starkville, Flowood/Brandon, and McComb.

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