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Wednesday, August 5

7:30 a.m.Continental Breakfast/Registration
8:30 a.m.Welcome
George Hopper, Moderator
Scott Mowery, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA Gulf of Mexico Climate Services related to SLR, climate change, impact of climate change on ecosystems, watersheds, and others
Dean Pennington, Yazoo Mississippi Delta Joint Water Management District Future of Water Supplies in the Mississippi Delta
9:30 a.m.Poster Session
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Jason BarrettImproving the Capacity of Mississippi’s Rural Water Associations Through Board Management Training
Matthew R. CarrDetection of Salmonella spp. from Mississippi Coastal Waters and Sediment
Melissa CookRecycling CCA-Treated Wood Waste: Design and Operation of a Laboratory-Scale Pyrolysis System
Christopher FloodUsing Human Specific Molecular Markers to Monitor Water Quality Along the Mississippi Gulf Coast
Rachel JolleyRestoring Canebrakes to Enhance Water Quality Along the Upper Pearl River
Kenny LangleyScience Education on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway: An Outreach Effort for K-12 Students and Teachers in Northeast Mississippi
Richard LuskElectrokinetic Treatment of Mercury Contaminated Soil at the Mercury Refining Company Superfund Site
James O. PalmerPossible Correlations Among Simple Visual Disturbance Estimates and Hydrologic and Edaphi Parameters in Forested Headwaters of Mississippi
Amy M. ParkerEnvironmental Impact and Disposal of CCA-Treated Wood Waste
John J. Ramirez-AvilaIdentification of Streambank Erosion Processes and Channel Changes in Northeastern Mississippi
David R. ReedHydrologic Services Provided by the National Weather Service
Guillermo Sanchez-RubioOceanic-Atmospheric Modes of Variability and Their Effects on River Flow in the North Central Gulf of Mexico
Amy SpencerPreliminary Assessment of Ecosystem Services Provided by Moist-Soil Wetlands
Jim SteilA New Hydro-Enforced, 1:24,000 Digital Elevation Model for Mississippi
C. Elizabeth StokesMolecular Identification of Pentachlorophenol (PCP) Tolerant Bacterial Communities in Contaminated Groundwater
Heather ThomasLife Cycle Assessment of Bio-Oil Production by Pyrolysis of Wood
Heather ThomasEvaluation of Phosphate Treatment Methods to Reduce Lead Mobility at Military Small Arms Training Ranges
9:50 a.m.Technical Presentations (3 tracks)
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Session 1
Delta Water Quality
Dean Pennington, Moderator
Session 2
Delta Ag Water
Matt Romkens, Moderator
Session 3
Jim Shepard, Moderator
Stephanie Showalter
Water Quality Trading: Is it Realistic for the Mississippi River?
Heather Welch
Occurrence of Nitrate in the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer at a Site in Bolivar County, Mississippi
Gary N. Ervin
Exploring Biologically Relevant Buffer Zones for Aquatic and Wetland Ecosystems in Northern Mississippi
Billy Justus
Water Quality of Least-Impaired Lakes in Eastern and Southern Arkansas
Jeannie R.B. Barlow
Evaluating the Role of Groundwater and Surface-Water Interaction on the Transport of Agricultural Nutrients to Shallow Alluvial Aquifer Underlying Northwestern Mississippi
Casey N. Wilson
Management of a Natural Floodplain Wetland for Mitigation of Nonpoint Source Pollution
Karen Myers
Methyl Mercury in Water and Fish Tissue in the Lower Yazoo Basin
Antonio L. Cerdeira
Effects of Glyphosate-Resistant Crops on Water Quality
Cristina Nica
A Study of Seagrass, Ruppia maritima and Halodule wrightii, at Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Shane Stokes
Water Quality Monitoring Plan and Implementation, Lake Washington Mississippi, 2008
Jamie Dyer
Influences of Land Surface Characteristics on Precipitation Over the Lower Mississippi River Alluvial Plain
David R. Johnson
Flooding or Precipitation: What is the Dominant Source of Moisture Sustaining a Backwater Bottomland Hardwood Forest?
  Charles Wax
Climatological and Cultural Influences on the Potential for Conservation of Groundwater in the Mississippi Delta Shallow Alluvial Aquifer by Substituting Surface Water for Irrigation
Daniel Wren
Transport of Non-Point Source Contaminants Through Riparian Wetlands in the Mississippi Delta Region
11:30 a.m.Lunch
Guest Speaker, Bruce Hanson, East Mississippi Community College Workforce Services
Mickey Plunkett, Moderator
1:00 p.m.Technical Presentations (3 tracks)
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Session 4
Delta Water
Dean Pennington, Moderator
Session 5
Janet Dewey, Moderator
Session 6
Water Quality
Jim Shepard, Moderator
Charlotte Bryant Byrd
Hydrogeology of the Central Delta
Trey Davis
A Study of the Effectiveness of Various Sedimentation Solutions and Practices
Richard Rebich
Sources and Transport of Total Nitrogen from Major River Basins of the South-Central United States, 2002
Paul C. Parrish
Ground Water-Surface Water Ineraction in the West-Central Delta (Washington County)
Christopher L. Hall
Modeling Fluid Mud
Zhengzhen Zhou
Composition and Size Distribution of Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in River Waters as Characterized Using Fluorescence EEM and Field-Flow Fractionation Techniques
James E. Starnes
Mississippi River Bluff Line Streams
Michael S. Runner
Turbidity as a Surrogate for the Estimation of Suspended-Sediment Concentrations in Mississippi Streams
Billy Justus
Fish and Invertebrate Assemblage Relations to Dissolved Oxygen at 35 Sites in Southern Louisiana
Olivier Bordonne
Interaction of the Mississippi River with the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer in Northwestern Mississippi
John J. Ramirez-Avila
Sediment Budget Analysis for Town Creek Watershed, MS
Bonnie Earleywine
The Effects of Land Use on Streams Along the Natchez Trace Parkway Using Rapid Bioassessment Protocols
Pat Mason
Recharge in the Water Budget of the Delta’s Alluvial Aquifer
Byoungkoo Choi
Headwater Hydrologic Functions in the Upper Gulf Coastal Plain of Mississippi
Alison Kinnaman
The Use of Microcosm Studies to Determine the Effects of Sediments and Nutrients on Fecal Indicator Bacteria in Lake Water
2:40 p.m.Break
3:00 p.m.Technical Presentations (3 tracks)
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Session 7
Pat Deliman, Moderator
Session 8
Mary Love Tagert, Moderator
Session 9
Wood Treatment
Jim Shepard, Moderator
Scott Perry
Urban Stormwater Runoff Phosphorus Loading and BMP Treatment Capabilities
Mary Love Tagert
Support for a Northeast Mississippi Regional Water Management Plan
Lauren Mangum
Treatment of Timtek Process Water by Co-Composting
Maifan Silitonga
Watershed Assessment and Education
Kelly Hurt
The Oklahoma Water Bank Project
Amy M. Parker
Environmental Impact and Disposal of CCA-Treated Wood Waste
Sandra L. Ortega-Achury
Water Quality Assessment in the Town Creek Watershed, Mississippi
Chad Miller
Collective Action Regimes in Inland Marine Port Clusters: The Case of the Tenn-Tomm Waterway System
Heather Thomas
Life Cycle Assessment of Wood Pyrolysis for Bio-Oil Production
Marvin Washington
Development of Water Correction Algorithm for Underwater Vegetation Signals
David T. Dockery III
Sequence Stratigraphy, Depositional Systems, and Ground-Water Supply
Melissa Cook
CCA-Treated Wood Waste: Design and Operation of a Laboratory-Scale Pyrolysis System
Cristiane Surbeck
Monitoring and Statistical Analysis of Fecal Indicator Bacteria in Lower Sardis Lake, Mississippi
Richard H. Coupe
Anthropogenic Chemicals in the Source and Finished Water From Three Mississippi Communities That Use Surface Water as Their Drinking-Water Supply
Mark Bricka
Laboratory-Scale Treatment of CCA-Contaminated Wood Waste
Jairo N. Diaz-Ramirez
Runoff Modeling of the Luxapaillila Creek Watershed Using Gridded and Lumped Models
Jason Barrett
Drinking Water Systems in Mississippi: Public Owned or Government Owned?
3:00 p.m.MWRA Board of Directors meeting
5:00 p.m.Welcome Reception
6:00 p.m.Dutch Treat Dinner at Hollywood Cafe

Thursday, August 6

7:30 a.m.Continental Breakfast
8:00 a.m.Technical Presentations (3 tracks)
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Session 10
Tom Bryant, Moderator
Session 11
Jim Shepard, Moderator
Session 12
Soil and Water Treatment
Don Underwood, Moderator
Renee Clary
Gulf Coast Watersheds and Water Education: Outreach Alignment and Best Practices
Jim Steil
A New Hydro-Enforced 1:24,000 Digital Elevation Model for Mississippi
Richard Lusk
Electrokinetic Treatment of Mercury Contaminated Soil at the Mercury Refining Company Superfund Site
Michael S. Runner
Collection of Hydrologic Data on Tidally Affected Streams
John B. Czarnecki
Conjuctive-Use Optimization Modeling of the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer: Evaluation of Groundwater Sustainable Yield
Heather Thomas
Evaluation of Phosphate Treatment Methods to Reduce Lead Mobility at Military Small Arms Training Ranges
Kenny Langley
The Effect of Policy and Land Use Change on Water Quality in a Coastal Watershed City: An Analysis of Covington, Louisiana
Terrance W. Holland
Arkansas’ Expanded Relational Water-Use Program
Mark Bricka
Sulfate Removal From Ground Water
Nathaniel Jourdan
Drainage Improvement Project Development for Successful Hazard Mitigation Funding
Claire E. Rose
Simulated Solute Transport and Shallow Subsurface Flow in Northwestern Mississippi
Rheannon M. Hart
Use of Borehole Geophysics to Determine Zones of Radium Production in Northern Arkansas
Casey DeMoss Roberts
Protecting Water Quality in Your Community
Brian R. Clark
The Mississippi Embayment Regional Aquifer Study (MERAS)—Model Construction, Simulation of Groundwater Flow, and Potential Uses of a Regional Flow Model
Wayne Kellogg
Beneficial Use of Marginal Quality Water
9:40 a.m.Break
9:55 a.m.Plenary Session
Deirdre McGowan, Moderator
Duane Smith, Oklahoma Water Resources Board Organization of Water Resources for Effective Management
Eric Evenson, U.S. Geological Survey Water Census Initiative Plans for a National Water Census
Amy Larson, National Waterways Conference Inc. Emerging and Current National Water Issues
Gene Sullivan, Bayou Meto Water Management District Arkansas Watershed Progress
11:55 a.m.Lunch
Guest Speaker
Jimmy Palmer, Butler-Snow
George Hopper, Moderator
Musings of a Recovering EPA Regional Administrator
1:00 p.m.Activities
Golf Tournament (tranportation on your own)
Skeet Shooting (transportation on your own)
Riverboat Museum Tour (transportation on your own
Storm Water Management Workshop
6:30 p.m.Transportation to Tunica RiverBoat Cruise
7:00 a.m.Tunica RiverBoat Cruise

Friday, August 7

7:30 a.m.Plated Breakfast
8:30 a.m.Plenary Session
Dean Pennington, Moderator
Colonel Smith, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers National Levee Safety Program Implications for Mississippi Water Resources Infrastructure
Commander Dan Norton, U.S. Coast Guard Security Concerns at Our Ports and on the Inland Waterways
Colonel Michael C. Wehr, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers What's the 200 Year Vision for the World’s Third Largest Watershed?
10:00 a.m. MWRA General Membership Meeting and Voting
10:30 a.m. Adjourn