Collective Action Regimes in Inland Marine Port Clusters: The Case of the Tenn-Tomm Waterway System

Author(s): Miller, C. ;  Stich, B.

This paper analyses the competitiveness of the public-private Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway system from a cluster perspective, discussing the importance of local governance and collective action regimes for the competitiveness of the cluster. The case study of the Tenn-Tomm port cluster shows how the collective action regimes have developed in this cluster. This study compares the Tenn-Tomm to a similar study done by de Langene and Visser (2005) comparing the Lower Mississippi port cluster to the seaport cluster of Rotterdam. A number of collective action problems require effective collective action regimes that render significant public benefits at the cluster level. Several public policy proposals are formulated to improve the quality of the public-private collective action regimes and hence enhance the performance of the Tenn-Tomm waterway system.


Technical Presentations

  • Delta Water Quality
  • Delta Water and Agriculture
  • Wetlands
  • Water Quality
  • Sediments
  • Non-Point
  • Management and Sustainability
  • Wood Treatment
  • Modeling
  • Soil and Water Treatment


Responsible Site Design: Implementing Innovative Stormwater Management Strategies

The primary goal of the workshop is to create a dynamic learning experience that examines the role of stormwater management in the built environment. The workshop will focus on integrating ecologically sound water management approaches into site design. After the workshop, attendees will be familiar with the following concepts and technical issues:

  • Knowledge of the stormwater treatment chain
  • Knowledge of the impact of land use codes on stormwater management
  • Application of a design process that mitigates the effects of stormwater on-site
  • Knowledge of the relationship between land use codes and design for innovative stormwater management


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