Hydrologic Services Provided by the National Weather Service

Author(s): Reed, D. ;  Graschel, J.

The National Weather Service (NWS), part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), is responsible for providing river and flood forecast sand warnings across the country to save lives and property. The NWS has 122 Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs) across the country that maintain a 24-hour weather watch and provide watches and warnings for severe weather and flooding. The NWS operates 13 River Forecast Centers that model the most important portions of the hydrologic cycle and use those models to provide forecasted river levels for five days into the future.

The backbone of the NWS Hydrologic Services is the issuance of river forecasts at over 4,000 locations. At these sites, the NWS issues forecasted river stage levels for the next five days. To run hydrologic models to support the issuance of these forecasts, the NWS must develop estimates of precipitation on a 4x4 km grid each hour. These quality controlled precipitation estimates are posted to the Internet for customers and the general public to use.

To complement river stage forecasts, the NWS also provides individualized hydrologic support to the emergency management community and other federal, state, and local water resource agencies. This support may take the form of customized hydro-meteorological briefings which can be disseminated through the web, telephone and/or chat services. In high impact events, the NWS may also station a hydrologist or meteorologist at a state or local emergency management office to provide a heightened level of support.


Technical Presentations

  • Delta Water Quality
  • Delta Water and Agriculture
  • Wetlands
  • Water Quality
  • Sediments
  • Non-Point
  • Management and Sustainability
  • Wood Treatment
  • Modeling
  • Soil and Water Treatment


Responsible Site Design: Implementing Innovative Stormwater Management Strategies

The primary goal of the workshop is to create a dynamic learning experience that examines the role of stormwater management in the built environment. The workshop will focus on integrating ecologically sound water management approaches into site design. After the workshop, attendees will be familiar with the following concepts and technical issues:

  • Knowledge of the stormwater treatment chain
  • Knowledge of the impact of land use codes on stormwater management
  • Application of a design process that mitigates the effects of stormwater on-site
  • Knowledge of the relationship between land use codes and design for innovative stormwater management


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