Mississippi River Bluff Line Streams

Author(s): Starnes, J.

A multitude of deeply incised, distinctive streams drain the Mississippi Loess Bluffs from Memphis southward to Natchez. These hydrologic features (and supported biota) are strongly influenced and controlled by complex Quaternary and Tertiary lithologic layers. These "bluff line streams" support unique, complex, and delicate sets of aquatic ecosystems, some of which are considered to be ice-age relics. Locally, these dendritic systems support the recharge of the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer (MARVA) as their trunk streams enter into the Mississippi River Alluvial Plain across copious, low relief, alluvial fans. These streams are threatened by in-stream mining, oil and gas production activities (shallow salt water injection, evaporation pits, and spills), industrial and housing development, deforestation, nonpoint source pollution such as agricultural runoff, solid waste dumping, and stream-bed alteration. Such activities can have profound negative impacts; degrading water quality, threatening aquatic/terrestrial biology, amplified erosion, localized excessive sedimentation, and spoiling sensitive, natural eco-system balances. Heightened awareness, study, and understanding of integrated and interdependent processes (geology, hydrology, biology) is essential to maintaining and sustaining delicate, unique, bluff line stream environments.


Technical Presentations

  • Delta Water Quality
  • Delta Water and Agriculture
  • Wetlands
  • Water Quality
  • Sediments
  • Non-Point
  • Management and Sustainability
  • Wood Treatment
  • Modeling
  • Soil and Water Treatment


Responsible Site Design: Implementing Innovative Stormwater Management Strategies

The primary goal of the workshop is to create a dynamic learning experience that examines the role of stormwater management in the built environment. The workshop will focus on integrating ecologically sound water management approaches into site design. After the workshop, attendees will be familiar with the following concepts and technical issues:

  • Knowledge of the stormwater treatment chain
  • Knowledge of the impact of land use codes on stormwater management
  • Application of a design process that mitigates the effects of stormwater on-site
  • Knowledge of the relationship between land use codes and design for innovative stormwater management


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