The Mississippi Water Resources Research Institute provides a statewide center of expertise in water and associated land-use and serves as a repository of knowledge for use in education, research, planning, and community service.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Find Experts In Economics & Policy Aspects

Keith Coble
Department of Agricultural Economics

Phone: 662.325.6670
Website: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/associate.asp?id=12
Description: Agricultural policy, flood insurance, production economics, risk modelling

Daniel R Petrolia
Agricultural Economics

Phone: 662.325.2888
Website: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/associate.asp?id=46
Description: environmental & natural resource economics: non-market valuation, ecosystem service valuation, survey methods, flood insurance & mitigation research

Benedict C. Posadas
Agricultural Economics

Phone: 228.388.4710
Website: http://www.coastal.msstate.edu/nre.html
Description: Marine economics; Natural and technological disaster economics; Aquaculture economics

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