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Friday, March 22, 2019

Find Experts In Hydrologic Modeling & GIS

Franklin T. Heitmuller
Geography and Geology

Phone: 601.266.5423
Website: http://www.usm.edu/geography-geology
Description: I specialize in fluvial geomorphic processes and landforms, fluvial sediment dynamics, and surface-water hydrology.

Anna C Linhoss
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Phone: 662.325.1983
Website: http://hydroecologylab.com/
Description: My research interests include hydrology, ecology, modeling, watershed management, and climate change. My work crosses disciplinary boundaries through collaboration with a variety of departments including Law, Anthropology, Wildlife, and Forestry. I work both locally and internationally with projects and collaborators throughout the southeast and in southern Africa. I am dedicated to understanding the complex issues between hydrology and ecology with a committed interest in management issues. I work toward responsible and sustainable solutions for today’s wicked ecologic and hydrologic problems.

James L. Martin
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Phone: 662.325.7194
Website: http://www.cee.msstate.edu/james-l.-martin.html
Description: Surface water quality modeling; the prediction of water pollution based on scientific, engineering, mathematic and computing principles. Management and protection of surface water quality (rivers, lakes and reservoirs, estuaries and coastal systems).

Gerald W. Wilkerson
Landscape Architecture

Phone: 662.694.1166
Website: http://www.wrri.msstate.edu
Description: Primary area is spatial modeling of urban hydrology.

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