The Mississippi Water Resources Research Institute provides a statewide center of expertise in water and associated land-use and serves as a repository of knowledge for use in education, research, planning, and community service.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Find Experts In Drinking Water & Public Health

Danny A. Barefield
Agricultural Economics

Phone: 662.325.7995
Website: http://msucares.com/water
Description: Public drinking water system management, board management, financial management

Jason R. Barrett
Center for Government and Community Development

Phone: 662.325.1788
Website: http://www.gcd.msstate.edu
Description: One area of expertise is in training of public drinking water system board members and certified water operators. I have an expertise in financial management, asset management, and conservation efforts associated with drinking water systems. I have an expertise in private drinking water wells in relation to groundwater, well construction, equipment operations, maintenance, testing of well water, and understanding the results. I have an expertise in the historical formation of community water systems in Mississippi, their governmental forms, and their current status.

John P Brooks
ARS - Genetics and Precision Agriculture

Phone: 662.320.7411
Website: http://www.ars.usda.gov/main/site_main.htm?modecode=64-06-15-15
Description: Environmental Microbiology - Study of the influence of agriculture on environmental resources such as soil, air, and water quality from an ecological and public health perspective.

Cristiane Q. Surbeck
Civil Engineering

Phone: 662.915.5473
Website: http://engineering.olemiss.edu/~csurbeck//
Description: Microbiological, chemical, and physical water quality; stormwater runoff; stormwater management; soil and groundwater remediation; water resources sustainability; drinking water.

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