The Mississippi Water Resources Research Institute provides a statewide center of expertise in water and associated land-use and serves as a repository of knowledge for use in education, research, planning, and community service.

Friday, March 22, 2019

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Jeff, A. Ballweber

Phone: 601.927.0883
Description: Watershed Management, Integrated Water Resources Management, Water Development, Permitting, Non-Point Source Pollution, Wetlands

Danny A. Barefield
Agricultural Economics

Phone: 662.325.7995
Website: http://msucares.com/water
Description: Public drinking water system management, board management, financial management

Jason R. Barrett
Center for Government and Community Development

Phone: 662.325.1788
Website: http://www.gcd.msstate.edu
Description: One area of expertise is in training of public drinking water system board members and certified water operators. I have an expertise in financial management, asset management, and conservation efforts associated with drinking water systems. I have an expertise in private drinking water wells in relation to groundwater, well construction, equipment operations, maintenance, testing of well water, and understanding the results. I have an expertise in the historical formation of community water systems in Mississippi, their governmental forms, and their current status.

John W. Branch

Phone: 225.202.8129
Description: Agricultural irrigation, point source and non-point source water quality, food processing waste water, ground water, surface3 water resource development, water well efficiency and protection

John P Brooks
ARS - Genetics and Precision Agriculture

Phone: 662.320.7411
Website: http://www.ars.usda.gov/main/site_main.htm?modecode=64-06-15-15
Description: Environmental Microbiology - Study of the influence of agriculture on environmental resources such as soil, air, and water quality from an ecological and public health perspective.

Thomas S. Bryant

Phone: 662.393.3348
Website: http://www.pickeringfirm.com
Description: water quality,water quantity,storm water management,low impact development,green infratructure,constructed wetlands,sustainable design,water resources utility of the future

Keith Coble
Department of Agricultural Economics

Phone: 662.325.6670
Website: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/associate.asp?id=12
Description: Agricultural policy, flood insurance, production economics, risk modelling

Jairo N Diaz

Phone: 601.877.3368
Website: http://www.alcorn.edu/mrrc/
Description: applied surface hydrology, irrigation, and watershed studies

P. Grady Dixon
Department of Geosciences

Phone: n/a
Website: http://geosciences.msstate.edu/people/dixon/index.htm
Description: Weather and Climate

Daniel J. Drennen
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Phone: 601.321.1127
Description: Groundwater systems, watersheds and endangered fish.

Jamie L Dyer
Department of Geoscience

Phone: 662.268.1032
Website: http://www.geosciences.msstate.edu/
Description: Hydrometeorology and surface/atmosphere interactions, with a focus on precipitation generation processes and warm-season rainfall estimation and prediction.

Gary N Ervin
Biological Sciences

Phone: 662.325.1203
Website: http://www.garyervin.net/
Description: Wetland Plant Ecology

Lawrence L. Falconer
Delta Research and Extension Center

Phone: 662.686.3238
Website: http://msucares.com/drec/index.html
Description: farm and ranch management, agricultural finance

Warren C. Gallo
Landscape Architecture

Phone: 662.325.3249
Website: http://www.lalc.msstate.edu/
Description: Urban BMPs. Municipal Stormwater Policy. Green Infrastructure

Franklin T. Heitmuller
Geography and Geology

Phone: 601.266.5423
Website: http://www.usm.edu/geography-geology
Description: I specialize in fluvial geomorphic processes and landforms, fluvial sediment dynamics, and surface-water hydrology.

Richard M. Kaminski
Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture, MSU

Phone: 662.325.2623
Website: http://www.cfr.msstate.edu/kennedychair
Description: Waterfowl and wetlands ecology and conservation

William L. Kingery
Plant and Soil Sciences

Phone: 662.325.2748
Website: http://www.pss.msstate.edu/
Description: Several years back worked with MSU Civil Eng on watershed modeling of Bay St. Louis estuary and associated watershed for MDEQ project; M.S. thesis on irrigation scheduling

Robert Kroger
Wildlife, Fisheries, Aquaculture

Phone: 662.801.5114
Website: http://www.reach.msstate.edu
Description: Water quality; aquatic biogeochemistry; conservation agriculture

Anna C Linhoss
Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Phone: 662.325.1983
Website: http://hydroecologylab.com/
Description: My research interests include hydrology, ecology, modeling, watershed management, and climate change. My work crosses disciplinary boundaries through collaboration with a variety of departments including Law, Anthropology, Wildlife, and Forestry. I work both locally and internationally with projects and collaborators throughout the southeast and in southern Africa. I am dedicated to understanding the complex issues between hydrology and ecology with a committed interest in management issues. I work toward responsible and sustainable solutions for today’s wicked ecologic and hydrologic problems.

James L. Martin
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Phone: 662.325.7194
Website: http://www.cee.msstate.edu/james-l.-martin.html
Description: Surface water quality modeling; the prediction of water pollution based on scientific, engineering, mathematic and computing principles. Management and protection of surface water quality (rivers, lakes and reservoirs, estuaries and coastal systems).

William H. McAnally
Geosystems Research Institute

Phone: 662.574.1213
Website: http://www.gri.msstate.edu/about/people_bio.php?d=1476
Description: sedimentation engineering / hydrologic and hydraulic engineering / Coastal and estuarine processes / Inland and coastal waterways / Earth Ecosystem Modeling Systems / Risk Assessment

Andrew E Mercer
Department of Geosciences

Phone: 662.617.3422
Website: http://geosciences.msstate.edu
Description: Statistical climatology, water climatology, artificial intelligence applications in water-related problems, dynamic modeling

Jami E. Nettles
Weyerhaeuser Company

Phone: 662.245.5226
Description: Forest hydrology.

J. Larry Oldham
Plant and Soil Sciences, MSU

Phone: 662.325.2760
Website: http://www.pss.msstate.edu/
Description: Plant nutrient dynamics in the landscape

Prem B. Parajuli
Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Phone: 662.325.7350
Description: Watershed/water quality monitoring and modeling, climate change, agricultural management, and economic modeling for bio-energy systems.

Joel O. Paz
Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Phone: 662.325.4798
Website: http://www.abe.msstate.edu
Description: Water quality, Water resource management and conservation, Crop water use, Irrigation, Best management practices, Impacts of climate change and climate variability on water resources.

Daniel R Petrolia
Agricultural Economics

Phone: 662.325.2888
Website: http://www.agecon.msstate.edu/associate.asp?id=46
Description: environmental & natural resource economics: non-market valuation, ecosystem service valuation, survey methods, flood insurance & mitigation research

Benedict C. Posadas
Agricultural Economics

Phone: 228.388.4710
Website: http://www.coastal.msstate.edu/nre.html
Description: Marine economics; Natural and technological disaster economics; Aquaculture economics

John J. Ramirez-Avila
Geosystems Research Institute - Civil and Environmental Engineering

Phone: 662.325.2681
Website: http://www2.msstate.edu/~jjr149/
Description: Water quality, soil and water conservation, environmental hydrology, nutrient transport from soils and / watersheds, streambank erosion, suspended sediment transport, channel evolution, channel and / watershed modeling.

Richard A Rebich
Mississippi Water Science Center

Phone: 601.933.2928
Website: http://ms.water.usgs.gov/
Description: Primary expertise is in the field of stream water-quality. Primary research includes assessment of agricultural best management practices in relation to sediment and nutrient pollutant mitigation; general water-quality statistical analysis; assessment of sediment and nutrient loads in streams; and water-quality/SPARROW modeling.

Darrel W. Schmitz

Phone: 662.325.3915
Website: http://geosciences.msstate.edu/people/schmitz/index.htm
Description: Geologist with interests in hydrogeology. Research interests range from the physical (groundwater movement and geologic controls on groundwater movement, including surface water - ground water interaction) and chemical (natural water composition and contaminant transport) aspects of hydrogeology including base line studies of proposed sites for natural resource utilization as well as of environmental contamination or potential for contamination (siting, seismic considerations, biodegradation, and the properties of earth materials).

Cristiane Q. Surbeck
Civil Engineering

Phone: 662.915.5473
Website: http://engineering.olemiss.edu/~csurbeck//
Description: Microbiological, chemical, and physical water quality; stormwater runoff; stormwater management; soil and groundwater remediation; water resources sustainability; drinking water.

Steven G Utroska
Environmental Quality - Surface Water Division

Phone: 601.961.5102
Website: http://www.deq.state.ms.us
Description: Nonpoint source pollution and polluted runoff research in efforts to conserve and improve state waters.

Gerald W. Wilkerson
Landscape Architecture

Phone: 662.694.1166
Website: http://www.wrri.msstate.edu
Description: Primary area is spatial modeling of urban hydrology.

Mark S. Woodrey
Coastal Research and Extension Center

Phone: 228.697.0460
Website: http://coastal.msstate.edu/
Description: (1) long-term monitoring of water quality in estuarine systems, (2) conservation biology of coastal ecosystems, and (3) ecology of tidal marsh vertebrates - particularly birds.

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