The Mississippi Water Resources Research Institute provides a statewide center of expertise in water and associated land-use and serves as a repository of knowledge for use in education, research, planning, and community service.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Find Experts In Water Quality & Watershed Protection

Thomas S. Bryant

Phone: 662.393.3348
Website: http://www.pickeringfirm.com
Description: water quality,water quantity,storm water management,low impact development,green infratructure,constructed wetlands,sustainable design,water resources utility of the future

William L. Kingery
Plant and Soil Sciences

Phone: 662.325.2748
Website: http://www.pss.msstate.edu/
Description: Several years back worked with MSU Civil Eng on watershed modeling of Bay St. Louis estuary and associated watershed for MDEQ project; M.S. thesis on irrigation scheduling

Prem B. Parajuli
Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Phone: 662.325.7350
Description: Watershed/water quality monitoring and modeling, climate change, agricultural management, and economic modeling for bio-energy systems.

Richard A Rebich
Mississippi Water Science Center

Phone: 601.933.2928
Website: http://ms.water.usgs.gov/
Description: Primary expertise is in the field of stream water-quality. Primary research includes assessment of agricultural best management practices in relation to sediment and nutrient pollutant mitigation; general water-quality statistical analysis; assessment of sediment and nutrient loads in streams; and water-quality/SPARROW modeling.

Steven G Utroska
Environmental Quality - Surface Water Division

Phone: 601.961.5102
Website: http://www.deq.state.ms.us
Description: Nonpoint source pollution and polluted runoff research in efforts to conserve and improve state waters.

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