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KTS Wireless/High Yield Ag Solutions
Proceedings of the 2022 Mississippi Water Resources Conference

Year: 2022 Authors: Koos W.

Since 2014 KTS Wireless (KTS) and subsidiary High Yield Ag Solutions (HYAG) have been collecting and managing data from sensors connected to our wireless products. The data has been delivered to our cloud-based servers where web applications have been created to provide decision making tools for growers and researchers. We have worked closely with Delta F.A.R.M. and Mississippi State University scientists to provide insight into water related agricultural field inputs and outputs. In addition to decision support insights for growers, the raw data is compiled for ease of direct download for research purposes. The sensors and tools include water levels, soil moisture and salinity, well flow rates, outflow pipe flow rates and volumes with water sampler triggering from changes in flow rate, irrigation pump control and weather data from our own agricultural weather station as well as third party sources. Our intent has been to develop a central data platform for capturing agricultural water data in a practical and affordable manner that provides value to growers and researchers alike.

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